Paraphrasing in communication paragraph

So let's explore this concept of paraphrasing a little further. They will feel heard and their opinions and feelings valued. coursework plan example Ask yourself, are you really listening to understand the other person's point of view, their concerns, their objections or resistance and their feelings? Listen to and respons constructively to the non verbal communication of the speaker Allow silences. However, on the other hand, if you use any of the accurate paraphrases provided or something similar, what do you think will happen with this conversation?

Paraphrasing and summarising are great communication skills to develop. It is all about learning, practicing and applying this skill to your day to day conversations. how to write a newspaper article igcse If you use a paraphrase like the examples given or something similar, is your prospect going to want to keep on talking to you? Failing to actively listen means that you are really only understanding your input and the reasons for your input i.

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We all know people like that right! Focus totally on the speaker Repeat, rephrase, reflect back your understanding of the speaker's meaning and feelings Probe to understand more about the situation Be aware of your non verbal communication, body language, facial expressions, voice tone. What is your objective or purpose?

If you didn't know how to paraphrase as suggested by these examples and you found yourself living this conversation, would you:. The skill of active listening The skill of asking questions that helps both parties reach a common understanding The skill of verbal communication to articulate the message to minimise misunderstandings The skill of using non verbal communication appropriately and being able to respond to non verbal communication appropriately The skill or paraphrasing and summarising to clarify understanding and ensure both parties are in agreement as to what has been discussed. Paraphrasing in communication paragraph Key point to Note. In summary here are some general guidelines for how to paraphrase effortlessly so you can gain clarity from every conversation you have in your network marketing business, and personally for that matter. As with any skill, they can be learnt and developed with practice.

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It is also important to reflect back feelings, not just content. We all know people like that right! Reflect back their words to them Reflect back their meaning to them Reflect back their feelings Ask questions to probe for more information The following communication tips will help to develop your active listening skills: What is the overall purpose of the communication? How to paraphrase and gain clarity from every conversation.

Once you learn how to paraphrase you'll wonder how you ever got along without it………and you'll find yourself doing it instinctively! What is your objective or purpose? Listen to and respons constructively to the non verbal communication of the speaker Allow silences.

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For example, if their body language seems to imply that they are not happy with the information ask them about their concerns. Respond to the body language constructively. Paraphrasing in communication paragraph Focus on what they are telling you - not on your own thoughts.

What are your concerns. Therefore, your listeners or receivers of information are creating their meaning from a combination of what you say, how you say it, the tone of voice and your body language. Paraphrasing in communication paragraph The main ideas need to come through, but the wording has to be your own. So that's it folks………if it doesn't have these 3 Key points, then it ain't a paraphrase I'm afraid!

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